Frequently Asked Questions

How is the calendar year structured?

We run three 161 weeks session per year. Students will receive a certificate at the end of each session to document their progression and reward their efforts throughout the session.

How often are students assessed?

All students are assessed and monitored continuously throughout each session. If your child is ready to graduate midsession our On Deck Supervisor's will let you know and help you move you're booking as required.

What is our Cancellation Policy?

If you choose our "No Contract Direct Debit" option, you can cancel your enrolment at any time with 28 days written notice. Please email your cancellation request to  [email protected].

If you prefer to pay for each session up front, our "No Refund Policy" applies. The only exclusion to this policy is when a Medical Certificate is supplied inclusive of all lessons absences.

Do I need to re enrol for next session if I am using the Direct Debit payment option?

If you have chosen our Direct Debit enrolment option, you do not need to re enrol. These students will remain enrolled until you cancel their booking.

If your child has progressed to the next level, you will need to speak to our team and make the necessary changes to your booking to ensure they are enrolled in the correct class for the following session. Changes to DAYS/TIMES/LEVELS can be made either over the phone or in person.

What happens if my child is unable to attend a lesson?

CLSS offers a Makeup Policy to all of its students.

Each student receives the opportunity to make up three lessons per session when 24 hours' notice prior to their absence is provided. To notify an absence please speak to either reception, our On Deck Supervisor’s, or phone  (02) 6163 8010.

If a Medical Certificate is supplied, you will be given the option to either make up the class within the current session or receive a credit on your CLSS account to be absorbed when re enrolling or as part of a direct debit payment. Medical Certificates' can be submitted to reception or emailed to  [email protected].

Do I need to be in the water with my child when they free swimming outside of lesson times?

All children under 6 years must be accompanied and within arm's reach of an adult at all times.

All children between 6 and 10 years must be actively supervised at all times whilst they are in the water.

Who do I speak to at the pool if I have concerns or questions regarding my child's progress?

Our On Deck Supervisors are available during all lessons. Our On Deck Supervisors will be wearing a black Club Lime polo and can be found either on pool deck or in the aquatic’s office (just off pool deck). Don't be afraid to approach them with any concerns, feedback or questions.

Please Note: Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.